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Turn-Key Upset Training Programs

Despite improvements in flight automation, Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) persists as the leading cause of fatalities in commercial aviation worldwide. In the United States (US), the FAA requires comprehensive stall and upset training as part of initial and recurrent training in accordance with FAR 121.423. EASA has followed their lead with similar UPRT requirements in corporate aviation and as part of commercial licensing through on-aircraft UPRT requirements. A proactive industry leader in UPRT, APS has worked with regulatory agencies and offers proven, turn-key programs to help airlines of all sizes train and develop subject matter experts and UPRT programs. APS is currently the UPRT provider for two major US legacy airlines and other airlines globally.


  • Implement turn-key UPRT solutions to train subject matter experts and implement a powerful, regulatory compliant program that saves lives
  • Save enormous time and resources while ensuring your airline benefits from a smooth transition to a world-class UPRT program
  •  Gain long-term skills discipline, and strategies, transferable between aircraft types
  •  Significantly mitigate the risk of LOC-I to improve overall operational safety

Commercial Airlines

Start by selecting an Initial Core UPRT Program based on your training needs and aircraft preference. Next, if desired, you can add additional training enhancements to further strengthen your training. All available core programs and enhancement options can be viewed below. If you are an APS course graduate, we recommend viewing the Recurrent Training option.


At APS, we offer customized and affordable solutions for airline upset training. If you employ more than 100 pilots our Train-the-Trainer program is ideal for you.

If you have less than 100 pilots, please contact us directly and we will help to customize a solution for your needs. Contact Us.


This powerful upset training recurrent course revitalizes the critical LOC-I UPRT skillsets APS graduates received in APS initial UPRT. Recommended annually, the Recurrent Training course is only available to APS UPRT course graduates.

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