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2018 NBAA Safety Committee Bi-annual Leadership Planning

2018 NBAA Safety Committee Bi-annual Leadership Planning7-8 August 2018, Washington, DC USA – APS President, Paul BJ Ransbury, participated in the NBAA Safety Committee (NBAA SC) Leadership Development Workshop in Washington, DC at NBAA headquarters. This “every two years” event was lead by NBAA SC chairman, Dave Ryan; vice-chairman, Tom Huff; and NBAA SC liaison to the NBAA, Mark Larsen. The 70+ member NBAA Safety Committee is proactively dedicated to serving business operators; corporate/executive flight departments; and On-demand Part 135 operations, support services, leadership, and management functions.
The meeting included a comprehensive review of the committee’s vision, purpose, mission, and values along with a close look at the 5-year strategic plan. This year’s event took advantage of a round table with three of the past NBAA SC chairmen: Steve Charbonneau, Eric Barfield, and Rich Walsh. Rich also now serving as a Board Member for the NBAA.
A feature event, this year was a full 90 minutes of interactive discussion with Ed Bolen, NBAA President and CEO. Mr. Bolen re-affirmed the NBAA’s founding and continuing focus on proactive safety initiatives for the NBAA membership, consisting of more than 11,000 member companies. The NBAA and NBAA SC discussed their integration to further the NBAA’s mission, vision, and strategic plan implementation.
About the NBAA Safety Committee (NBAA SC)
The NBAA SC serves the Membership with strategic guidance and advice on matters relating to the safe operation of aircraft. The committee collaboratively leverages a multi-disciplinary team of passionate professionals to develop valued solutions to make business aviation even safer. For more information on the NBAA Safety Committee go to The Committee is also responsible for the NBAA Safety Awards Program. More info:


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