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APS World Headquarters 2020


On Tuesday, 18 February 2020, APS officially broke ground at 10:15 am local time on our new headquarters at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA) in Mesa, Arizona, consisting of two separate developments. APS Headquarters will primarily occupy the southern 25,000-sq-ft facility (center-top of the image) that is located on a 4.5-acre premium lot at the north end of the airfield and is slated to open in late 2020. The northern facility (left side of the image) has attached office space including a 35,000-sq-ft hangar. APS World Headquarters supports additional APS training centers in Texas, Alabama, Europe, and the ASEAN region.



The official groundbreaking ceremony for the new APS headquarters facilities took place on February 18, 2020. Pictured above from left to right: Brian Haeward, Eric Bergman and CEO Lorraine Bergman from Caliente Construction; Mesa Mayor John Giles; APS CEO Paul Ransbury, Tara Ransbury, Clarke McNeace and Faye Hamilton from APS; Joshua Jefferson and Executive Director J. Brian O’Neill from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

New APS Headquarters
Front view from parking lot: this view looks between the APS facility (right) and an additional coordinating facility owned by APS. APS customers will have a great view of the air field which will be easily seen from inside APS through large glass windows wrapping the front and airfield side of the building.

Front view from left side: This view features the APS logo and shows the front view of the adjacent secondary APS facility. The location offers convenient parking easily accessible from main airport roads.

APS Headquarters Location: The new APS facilities will be located as shown above at the north end of the airfield at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (KIWA).

APS HQ Facilities – Leveling
APS Headquarters Location
Front view from parking lot
The official groundbreaking ceremony
APS World Headquarters 2020
APS Team

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