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This powerful tool for the jet pilot based on the content of the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (AURTA) in an easy-to-use format for a variety of mobile platforms (iPad, iPhone, MS Surface and Windows 8 Metro Apps). The app integrates real-world mishap analyses, covers upset awareness and recognition, and outlines prevention and recovery techniques and strategies. Concepts are reinforced by selectable on-page narration with animations and graphics, including 15 instructional videos. Read AIN coverage on this App.

A Learning Tool Aligned with Global Best-Practice Standards

Since the introduction of the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (AURTA) in 1998, Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) has continued to impact the aviation community. From reported accident and incident information, APS continues to learn the causes of LOC-I and how to prevent these types of accidents. This training app begins with AURTA as its basis then enhances that foundational knowledge with real-world data. Industry guidance has been organized into an efficient, modular e-learning structure. The app integrates enhanced learning tools to include updated charts, video training and animations of more complex concepts.

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